In Benedictine monasteries, guests are never lacking, and Saint Benedict suggests we offer hospitality to each one. We receive every guest who arrives like Christ himself, for one day He will say, “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” (The Rule of Saint Benedict, Chapter 53, verse 1).
Before all guests, arriving or leaving, with the head bowed down or the whole body prostrate on the ground, let Christ be adored in them as He is also received. (Ibid., verse 7).

The following table summarises the characteristics of our four accommodation sites :

Accommodation sites Capacity Rooms Estimated cost
Accommodation within the monastery 7 beds Single rooms Men 25 €
Youth Guesthouse
or Emmanuel
30 beds 1 Dormitory Both sexes 5 €
Marie-Marthe Guesthouse 2 Dormitories Donation
Saint-Benoît Guesthouse 12 beds 6 single rooms
and 3 rooms with 2 beds
Women 32 €

Contributions are left up to the generosity of each individual. He who can give more makes up for he who has less to give.

The Guest-master is Brother Sylvestre.
To reserve a spiritual retreat, one may call (596) 596 52 09 48 and ask for the Guest-master. However, since the monastery’s Porter receives many phone calls, it is preferable to write to Brother Sylvestre at the following address :

Frère Hotelier
Monastère Notre-Dame du Mont-des-Oliviers
Terreville; Quartier Bel-Air

Be sure to include a phone number so that he may call you back. It takes a little longer, but he is sure to receive your letter.

Practical Informations :