Arrivée à Marie-MartheThe dilapidated Emaüs Guesthouse was demolished to make room for the Marie-Marthe Guesthouse, built on the same site. ¾ of the building is devoted to a large meeting room used for conferences or prayer groups. The remaining ¼ has two dormitories, a kitchen and toilets. The dormitories are not yet in use because we have not been able to purchase beds. We take this opportunity to solicit your support.

View of the old Emaüs Guesthouse.Emaüs had the same function as the Marie-Marthe Guesthouse : conferences and prayer groups. It had to be demolished because it was in ruins. We see, opposite, a view of the conference room : there were no walls, only palisades.

Here are a few photos of this Guesthouse
View from the street Interior Group in prayer
View of the Marie-Marthe Guesthouse from the street The interior is spacious
and luminous,
due to its large openings
and screen walls
Group in prayer

Currently, the meeting room is used
by three prayer groups:

Every Sunday beginning at 2:00 P.M.
Prayer Group
The second Saturday of every month, beginning at 2:00 P.M.
Praise Group : The Crusade of Fathers of Families
For more information, contact :
  1. Monsieur Patrice Icheck
    • 05 96 68 08 03
    • 06 96 36 54 79
  2. Monsieur Roland Sainte-Croix
    • 05 96 77 21 65
    • 06 96 96 62 58
The third Saturday of each month, beginning at 2:00 P.M.
Marian Movement of Priests
For more information, contact :
  1. Monsieur Erik Volny-Anne
    • 05 96 52 05 58
    • Villa Providence
      15, route de Terreville
      97233 SCHOELCHER
  2. Monsieur Victor Varsier
    • 05 96 74 57 60